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  • HB2.6 Sled Drag and C2 Row Intervals


    Warm Up/ Skill Transfer
    -Run 200m @ 90-98 cadence
    -Row slow and play with RPM/Power output
    -10 x Sled drags
    Backwards X5
    Deadlift x5

    S&C wod

    -1000m Repeats
    Row 1000m each for time, rest half the work time X3
    Pace for 3 sets but then continue and hold that pace for as many sets as you can. Hold pacing to within 5 seconds, stop when you slow too much.

    -Spend 5 minute working on a goat
    Cool Down
    -Immediately run 200m post workout. Focus on good skill for the duration of this run.
    Quite heavy sleds to get you to have strong hips and increase over all work capacity. Then long Row intervals to test and improve your long endurance.


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