We have our ‘Pro Shop’ in the box where you can buy the essentials for performance and recovery. We also have our online partner shops for other items we do not stock.

Pro Shop

Inside our box you can buy:
Kill Cliff Recovery drinks and Protein Barskillcliff
Special edition T-shirts with cool slogans.
30950 Crossfit Wearside SR7 RB Proof

-Great quality and limited edition.

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein and Good Green Stuff


-We reccomend the Clean Protein and Good Green Stuff
www.nuzest.co.uk use code Gray10% for discount

Online Partners

Online you can buy:
Again Faster Box Shop, For our standard branded T-shirt, Hoodies, Gym bags etc.

again faster

-Here you can buy your Pure Pharma O3,ZMA, D3
-Also Inov-8 trainers and equipment like kettlebells.

TDT Transdermal Technologies are the leaders in recovery bath salts and also offer a spray form to target areas of need 24-7.


-We recommend the recovery bath salts
-Please use this link TDT Transdermal Technologies to buy TDT products. The gym gets a kick back and the money goes towards improving the box.

Our Ethos on the shop

We don’t really “sell” anything at our gym. We never have the conversation with someone with the primary intention of getting them to buy a product so we make a profit on it. Our focus is that we provide training services, which are how we pay our bills, and we offer a few other products that people can pick up if they want.
We only sell the products in the gym to make it convenient for our athletes. If using supplements is beneficial for you then some are on hand in the box and you can buy bulk from us or the online shops.
The products we sell are quality and have been tested by our coaches and athletes. The supplements are quality and contain no rubbish.