Ninjutsu Bujinkan

What is it all about?

“the traditional Japanese art of stealth, camouflage, and sabotage, developed in feudal times for espionage and now practised as a martial art.”

We offer the whole package at CrossFit Shropshire and are fortunate tohave Armi on our team. He is a black belt in Bujinkan Ninjutsu and he runs our box as his Dojo.

Ninjutsu is a complete fighting system dealing with the Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of student development. Techniques cover locks, throws, ground fighting, multiple attacks, modern weaponry, all types of traditional Ninjutsu weaponry. In Ninjutsu there is no restriction on the type of available technique we can add on to our training.

You can learn the martial art where it covers 9 schools and it is truly an art form so will take years of effort to master. It also transfers into real life very well.

Some FAQ’s

Still got questions? Take a look at our FAQ’s to see if we can help.

What’s the difference between a Crossfit Gym and a Regular Gym?
The main difference between us and a corporate gym is that we provide personalised coaching and feedback for every exercise, throughout every workout. You’ll develop proper movement, form and technique to ensure you get maximum benefit and avoid injury. The other big difference is in the level of intensity you can find within a CrossFit workout. The sense of camaraderie and community in our group classes means you can push yourself further and get much more out of a session than you would at a Globo-Gym, or training by yourself.
What will I do in class?
Aside from the usual warm-up and cool-down, the core of a class is the Workout of the Day or WOD.
Will there be a coach to help me?
Yes. We will always have one of our Level 1 Certified Coaches guiding you through the process. If you’re a regular Crossfiter, you are welcome to come without any coaches at a time that suits you.
What is a WOD?
A WOD (Workout of the Day) is the set of movements that is prescribed for a particular day. It’s a combination of functional movements – lifts, squats, press-ups, dips, rowing or running – that’s designed to give an intense and effective workout of around 30 minutes in length. Some well-known WODs even have names – watch out for ‘Angie’ and ‘Grace’! Once you have done a particular WOD, it’s likely to be a long time before you encounter the exact same one again. Variety is a really important principle within CrossFit.
Who can do Crossfit?
Anyone can! CrossFit workouts are designed so that they always provide a challenge, to any level of ability. They are infinitely scalable and can be tailored to your level of strength and fitness – but everyone works through it together, as a group. That's what is great about Crossfit! We’ll help you balance good form, safety and intensity to get the most from your CrossFit workouts. In fact, we’ll let you in on a secret: everyone feels a little apprehensive about tackling a WOD (workout of the day) at first: but if it was easy, you wouldn’t get results and you’d soon get bored!
What is the box?
The Box is Crossfit’s name for the gym. That’s the beauty of it! You can work out anywhere, even if you were training in a box. It doesn’t change the results.
Is there somewhere to park?
Yes. We have on-site parking right next to the box.
Is there somewhere to change?
Unfortunately at this time we don’t have any on-site changing rooms or showers. Don’t worry though, Crossfit is all about working hard and no one worries about how they look. If you do, your probably in the wrong place.
Do I need to bring equipment?
No, you’re the only machine you need.  We have all the equipment you need to get your heart pumping and push you, whatever your current fitness level.
When are classes?
Class times vary each week. We always put our training times on our website and we usually post out a message on facebook too.
What is Open Gym?
Open gym means you can come down and train anytime you like. Its always better to work in a team, but sometimes life gets in the. So if you just really want to train, come down in the open gym time slots and train away.
What do the abbreviations mean?
There is a new language you will soon learn when you become a CrossFitter.
  • AMRAP: As Many Reps (sometimes Rounds)as Possible
  • ATG: Ass to Grass
  • BP: Bench press
  • BS: Back squat
  • BW: Body weight
  • CFT: CrossFit Total - consisting of max squat, press, and deadlift.
  • CLN: Clean
  • C&J: Clean and jerk
  • C2: Concept II rowing machine
  • DL: Deadlift
  • EMOM: Every Minute, On the Minute.
  • FS: Front squat
  • GHR: Glute ham raise. Posterior chain exercise, like a back extension. Also, the device that allows for the proper performance of a GHR.
  • GHD Situp: Situp done on the GHR(D) bench.
  • GM: Good Morning
  • GPP: General physical preparedness, aka "fitness."
  • GTG: Grease the Groove, a protocol of doing many sub-maximal sets of an exercise throughtout the day
  • HSPU: Hand stand push up. Kick up into a handstand (use wall for balance, if needed) bend arms until nose touches floor and push back up.
  • HSQ: Hang squat (clean or snatch). Start with bar "at the hang," about knee height. Initiate pull. As the bar rises drop into a full squat and catch the bar in the racked position. From there, rise to a standing position
  • IF: Intermittent Fasting
  • KB: Kettlebell
  • KBS: Kettlebell Swings
  • KTE: Knees to elbows. Similar to TTBs described below.
  • MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning workout
  • MP: Military press
  • MU: Muscle ups. Hanging from rings you do a combination pull-up and dip so you end in an upright support.
  • OHS: Overhead squat. Full-depth squat performed while arms are locked out in a wide grip press position above (and usually behind) the head.
  • PB: Personal Best
  • PC: Power clean
  • Pd: Pood, weight measure for kettlebells
  • PR: Personal record
  • PP: Push press
  • PSN: Power snatch
  • PU: Pull-ups, possibly push ups depending on the context
  • Rep: Repetition. One performance of an exercise.
  • Rx, as Rx'd: As prescribed; as written. WOD done without any adjustments.
  • RM: Repetition maximum. Your 1RM is your max lift for one rep. Your 10 RM is the most you can lift 10 times.
  • SDHP: Sumo deadlift high pull (see exercise section)
  • Set: A number of repetitions. e.g., 3 sets of 10 reps, often seen as 3x10, means do 10 reps, rest, repeat, rest, repeat.
  • SPP: Specific physical preparednesss, aka skill training.
  • SN: Snatch
  • STT: Shoot To Thrill Cycle name. The numbers after mean: First number is the week number, the second is the day starting with Monday as 1.
  • SQ: Squat
  • Subbed: Substituted. The CORRECT use of "subbed," as in "substituted," is, "I subbed an exercise I can do for one I can't," For example,if you can't do HSPU, you subbed regular pushups. 
  • TGU: Turkish get-up
  • TTB: Toes to bar. Hang from bar. Bending only at waist raise your toes to touch the bar, slowly lower them and repeat.
  • UB: Unbroken. The reps must be done unbroken with no pauses or rest.
  • WO, sometimes W/O: Workout
  • WOD: Workout of the day
  • YBF: You'll Be Fine (liberally applied in spray form)

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