New to CrossFit?

If you’ve never done CrossFit before, take a look at our foundation course below.

Foundation Course

We have regular beginners classes which you can attend and train, these are 90% theory, 10% sweat. You will have the perfect foundations of your training set.

All new members who have not done CrossFit before will need to go though our Foundation Course. During these sessions, one of our CrossFit coaches will explain a bit of background about CrossFit and our gym, teach you all the key principles, coach you through a CrossFit workout and some core movements and answer any questions you may have. During your first month, we will encourage you to discuss your fitness goals with us, as well as concerns you may have about any previous conditions or injuries.

You are still very welcome to attend the other classes too.

Still Unsure?

Still not sure if CrossFit is for you? Why come down for a FREE TASTER SESSION.

Got Questions?

Still have unanswered questions? See how CrossFit can inspire you today!

Foundation Course

£35.00/one off payment
Introduction to CrossFit

Foundational Movements

Baseline Fitness Assessment

Goals & Motivations

Priority access to beginner classes

Access to all classes

Monthly Membership

Membership is simple and flexible, and entitles you to all classes and coaching time from any one of certified coaches. What sets us apart from the rest is, apart from being one of the most well established CrossFit Box’s in the UK, we limit class sizes to 8 people so our athletes have outstanding coaching.

Membership Options

Our membership entitles you to attend our classes and have 24hr access to the gym at open gym times. Our classes are capped at 8 athletes, this offers more exclusive training and allows you to get more advice from the coach. We regularly have 2 coaches operating in the class at the same so we offer outstanding coaching service.

Our Premium Membership or the Full Package as we like to call it is for more focused athletes. It includes all standard membership benefits plus: 3 personal training sessions a week, Full and advanced individual programming, Nutrition plan, Advanced training log and Fitness testing. Please email or talk to a coach for more information.

If you are unsure, why not book your free taster session, and we can discuss your options to see which one is most appropriate for you.


£35.00per month
Unlimited Classes
24hr Gym Access
Online Fitness Log
Online Nutrition Log
Quality Programming

Joint Membership

£55.00per month
Discount for
two people
(family/friends etc)

Other Membership Options

Drop Ins
If you are a travelling CrossFitter and need to WOD then please give us an email or call. We love to meet people from all around the world and we put up a flag for each nationality of visitor we have had. Because we feel we can learn from the visitors we do not charge the Earth!

If you are not a travelling CrossFitter and want to drop in, first session is free and we can then discuss drop in fees and membership options. We want to see you regularly so you can crush your targets!

Bulk Classes

£ Ask Us. 00Unlimited
If you prefer to buy
sessions in bulk you can.
If its 3,5,10 sessions
we can offer you those

Drop In

£ Ask Us.00per session
Ask us for drop in rates.
We like to see travelling
CrossFitters (we erect
a flag for each nationality
who WOD with us),it helps our
community improve so we
don’t charge the Earth!
We only want to get paid when we see you, we are not a globo gym, we are a community of like minded people who want to get fit and have fun.

As well as the joint membership We offer huge discounts for Military, Police, Fire, NHS, Student, Unemployed and anyone who’s job it is to help others.


£ Ask Us. 00Unlimited
Huge discounts for
Or if your job helps others

Full Package

£ Ask Us.00per month
As Standard +++
3 Personal training sessions a week
Bespoke programming
Advanced training log
Nutrition plan

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