About CrossFit Shropshire

Find out about our unique CrossFit Community.

Who we are!

CrossFit Shropshire became the UK’s 12th Official Affiliate back in 2007. Since then we have been striving to improve human performance by using the tried and tested methods of CrossFit!

We guarantee results for everyone from elite athletes to stay at home parents. Whoever you are, you will train as part of our community, where everyone knows each others name and is pushing you to perform better.

We offer memberships to all who want to join at very reasonable pricing. We offer small group classes to ensure that you get an exclusive and quality service. We limit class size to 8 people and oftentimes have 2 coaches in the gym coaching. This is to ensure quality coaching at all times,

We have some of the most Experienced CrossFit Coaches in the UK. We coach sound technique first and foremost.
We create gym and individual Smart Programming
The gym members (our athletes) are great and we have a real sense of community and there is a great buz because everyone gets along well.
Our Mission is:
1. To produce elite athletes
2. To strive for excellence at all times, both individually and as a team.
3. To provide a community which provides positive and challenging environment that encourages health, fitness and wellbeing.
4. To ensure that standards for elite fitness are upheld through proper coaching, strong programming, and adherence to CrossFit standards
5. Be inclusive for all those who want to train with us
We have athletes who have won Ironman distance races, come top 5 in national bike races and have won obstacle races (mud run type races).
We have regular people who are always improving and are here to get fit for life.
We have helped people join the Royal Marines and the Army and have serving members of the armed forces as well as police, fire and ambo train regularly (ask for military/services discount).
We feel it is time to get some CrossFit Shropshire athletes winning CrossFit as a sport events and we have some people training to become elite.
Why join us?
-Full and complete schedule, offering all the ability to train with us regularly.

-Free parking and zero hastle to get to, only 1.5 miles out of town

Full rural setting, allowing you to train indoors and outdoors in fresh air, away from the negativeness of the built up town

-Fully kitted out Strength and Conditioning gym, for CrossFit and sport specific training or normal people wanting to get fit.

-Experienced coaches, to ensure you achieve your goals, move well and have fun.

-Free entry to competitions and races if you join our Team

Our Schedule is:

Monday 0630-0730 CrossFit
1000-1200 CrossFit
1600-1730 Open Gym CrossFit
1730-2830 CrossFit
1830-1930 CrossFit/Running and Endurance
Tuesday 0630-0730 CrossFit
1000-1200 CrossFit
1600-1730 Open Gym CrossFit
1700-1830 CrossFit/Gymnastics/Recovery
1830-1930 CrossFit
Wednesday 0600-0700 CrossFit
1000-1200 CrossFit
1600-1730 Open Gym CrossFit
1730-1830 CrossFit/Oly lifting
1830-2000 Ninjutsu
Thursday 0630-0730 CrossFit
1000-1200 CrossFit
1600-1730 Open Gym CrossFit
1730-1830 CrossFit
1830-1930 Power Lifting
1900-2100 Gymnastics at Lillishall
Friday 0630-0730 CrossFit
1000-1200 CrossFit
1630-1730 Youth CrossFit
1730-1830 CrossFit
1830-1930 CrossFit
Saturday 1000-1200 CrossFit
Sunday 1000-1200 CrossFit/Oly lifting

-Members will need to book onto the class at least 24 hours in advance to confirm their place (using the gym app provided).
-For quality coaching we limit the classes to 8 people.
-We regularly plan workouts out on the hills and off site, look out for these advertised.
-Ninjutsu is £2 a go for members.
-Gymnastics at Lillishall is £6 a go for members.

The Dream Team

Meet the Level 1 Coaches who will be putting you through your paces.

Level 1
Level 1
Louis C

Weightlifting Athlete and Coach

Gymnastics, Recovery
Dan and Ed
Power Lifting Experts

Extra skills and classes

We offer the full package here. We get specalist people to visit our gym or we visit them. We offer at the box:
-Fight club (as we lovingly call it); Ninjutsu

We link in with other clubs to offer:
-Weekly real on water rowing
-Weekly coached gymnastics at Lillishall

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