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5.7 Oly and GHD Bench

5.7 Oly and GHD Bench

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Metcon (Time)

CF Games Team Series wod.

Get your partner, 3,2,1 go

Cycle Test

GHD Skills (No Measure)

Complete i in week 1, then do sets of ii, you pick the time. Do 3-5 sets. Move arms to different positions to make it harder. As the weeks progress keep breathing! Focus on good position at all times.

i) GHD sit test. Can you sit with legs straight, spine straight?

Sit upright with legs out, comfortably.

MWOD hips, hammies, calves, feet to help.

(test 30 ab mat sit ups at this stage)

ii) GHD parallel holds. Hold for 3x :20,:30, :45 0r :60 seconds. Pick a time and progres through the weeks.

Focus on straight spine.

iii) GHD parallel sit ups. Focus on moving with a perfect position throughout the movement. Flat spine.

Use hip flexors to raise your spine and hinge at the HIP only!

(Test 30 quality sit ups at this)

iv) Increase the ROM lower as the spine and body gets able to move very well.

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