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2.1 Super Summer 17

2.1 Super Summer 17

CrossFit Shropshire – CrossFit


Pull-ups (Week 4.1 EMON 8:00 35% + 1 rep of your mex reps)


10 pull ups max

35% of 10 = 3.5 (round up to 4) +1



A: Deadlift (EMOM -6 min: 5x reps AHAP unbroken)

B: RDL (4×6 with KB)


Metcon (Time)

Work Capacity: 5 rounds for time:

20x Wall Ball

15x Burpees

10x Toe 2 Bar

Cycle Test

20 Rep Squat (Weight)

2x a week complete 20 back squats. Complete unbroken and you cannot put the bar down. Take as long as you need but ensure it is not too slow.

Take 40kg off your 5 rep max. That is your starting weight.

Add 2.5 kg each workout and complete 2x a week for 16 workouts. In 8 weeks you will be repping your old 5RM for 20!

We will squat on Monday and Thursday. (If you miss a day, you can make it up on another day as long as you squat twice a week). If you miss a week start back where you left off.

It’s relatively easy the first few weeks. So this can be done post wod to start off with.

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